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Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering

Benaroya Hall

We are happy to be at Benaroya Hall

Lobby Bars and Coffee and Dessert Islands
Look for us before your show and during the intermission
for your favorite beverage and savory or sweet snack


Join us for lunch at the Davids & Co.
open weekdays from 11 to 2 in 
The Boeing Company Gallery

Lobby Bars and Coffee and Dessert Islands
Look for us before your show and during the intermission
for your favorite beverage and savory or sweet snack

Are you looking for the perfect location for your wedding,
gala or business event.

We would love to tell you all about Benaroya Hall
Call Anaise at 206-336-6605
or send her an email to ab@tuxedosandtennisshoes.com


What's Happening Around TNT
TNT Talent

TNT is full of talented folks and not just in the art of catering!  Here is one TNT Talent that we would like to introduce to you!

Abi Haggerty has worked for TNT since 2006.  She is an amazing and seasoned Lead Server - a favorite of guests and employees alike!  In her time away from TNT, Abi creates beautiful and unique jewelry.

Here is Abi's "crystal philosophy" in her own words -  "I see crystals as being unique tools for our bodies, minds and spirits.  When certain crystals speak to you, it may be that the energy of that crystal is needed in your life, either in the moment or long term.  I create my jewelry with love and care, spending time and clearing each piece with sage.  The earrings are meant to be different on both sides, because I believe our body is different on both sides.  Just like in yoga, as we stretch differently depending on how our body responds, the crystals call and act differently depending on where they are placed on your body.  Most of the necklaces are somewhat asymmetrical.  None of this jewelry is meant to be perfect, it is meant to flow and give life to the pieces I put together, enhancing my creativity and sharing that energy and love with you.  Namaste, aho.

I am starting to work with sterling silver now.  I started really selling jewelry last year, but have been creating all of my life.  I love making beautiful things and finding different materials that I can put together in a new and interesting way.  Most of my designs happen as I go.  Sometimes I plan out a design, but usually I lay a few crystals together and the piece creates itself.  I do custom work and love having the intention of someone else to guide my work."

 You can find Abi's work on sale at Revival Shop Seattle on Capital Hill and on Instagram @crystalashjewelry.  If you want to see more pictures  and don't have Instagram you can email Abi at crystalashjewelry@gmail.com.  She is currently working on a website/etsy page.  Abi says that most of her work at this time is through word of mouth and by the time she gets the piece posted it has already sold.  


Our Partners in the Arts

See what is going at Benaroya Hall and the Seattle Symphony
while you're there be sure to visit us at Muse or David's & Co





It's summer time - that means
Wooden O 
Seattle Shakespeare Company's
Shakespeare in the Park

July 9th through August 9th

As You Like It & 
Henry VI part I
at a beautiful park near you!  
See the Schedule HERE

Now you can enjoy a delicious picnic boxed meal
from Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering
at Luther Burbank Park

Meals must be ordered in advance
Click HERE for details and to order yours!



Cornish Playhouse at the Seattle Center

See upcoming events at Cornish Playhouse here
The Cornish Playhouse at the Seattle Center may be the perfect place for your next catered event.   Read about that here.
Our Partners in the Community
34th District Democrats
Hall at Fauntleroy - Emerald Room
Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, July 8th

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Obliteride 2015

Friday, August 7th - Sunday, August 9th

34th District Democrats
Hall at Fauntleroy - Emerald Room
Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, August 12th

Choice Career Fairs
Seattle Center
Seattle Career Fair
Thursday, August 13th


Let us handle the bar at your next party!  TnT Twist professional bartenders can set up and serve your alcohol or we can provide everything for your bar!  
              Check it out here and contact us for details!            




because catering doesn't always have to be fussy or full service!   
Now you can get it "to go " - TNT To Go.  Perfect for your casual get-together or office meeting!       Pick it up at our convenient Sodo location or we will deliver it to you -
all on beautiful disposable, compostable platters!  
 Check out our new selections here.  


Get all of our most favorite and requested recipes on Chew on This, our blog right here!  
Don't miss June's receipe - it's perfect for your summer barbecues!
Let us know if you have a favorite that you would like to see!


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