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Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering and Events has a long standing commitment of support and sponsorship for a number of wonderful causes and community organizations.  Among them in part…

ACT Theatre… Alki House… Alki PTA… American Cancer Society… Bailey Boushay… Childhaven... Community School of West Seattle… Evergreen Healthcare Foundation… Explorer West Middle School… Fauntleroy Community Association… Fauntleroy Childrens’ Center… Fauntleroy Documentary… Fauntleroy Fall Festival… Fauntleroy UCC… Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center …  Girls on the Run of Puget Sound … GSBA… Harborview Medical Center… Harmony Hill Retreat Center… Holy Rosary School… Hope Lutheran School… International Justice Mission… Jewish Day School… The Kenney Foundation … Little Pilgrim School…  Log House Museum… Maltby Elementary School … National Multiple Sclerosis Society… Northwest Choirs… Poncho… Prosthetic Outreach Foundation… Providence Mt. St. Vincent… Salvation Army… Seattle Aquarium Society… Seattle Lutheran High School… Seattle Public Schools… Seattle Shakespeare Company… Shea Homes-Crossroads Housing project… St. Bridget Church… St. Vincent de Paul… Susan G Komen Race for the Cure…Thanksgiving Day Community Meal… The Ruby Room… University of Washington Foundation… University Prep… West Seattle Chamber of Commerce… West Seattle Food Bank… West Seattle Helpline Gala… West Seattle Hi Yu… Westside School… White Center Food Bank… YMCA & YWCA



The Labyrinth at The Hall at Fauntleroy journeyed to us from Yakima and was originally brought to life at Grace Church in San Francisco.  Using the principals of sacred geometry and defined as a singular pathway that leads to the center and then back out again, retracing the same path, a Labyrinth can open us to change in body, mind and spirit.  It provides a sacred space; inviting walkers to set aside the cares of world and enter into deep reflection (to discover something about ourselves) the destination is not important - this is about the journey (life).

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness, combining the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a purposeful path.  Enjoy the beauty and mystery of this metaphor for the journey to the center of your deepest self and back out into the world, embracing a broadened understanding of yourself.  The Labyrinth is one of the oldest transformational tools known to humankind.  It can open mind and heart to inspiration, guidance, imagination and intuition.  Open to the three stages of the walk:  release on the way in, receive in the center and return with that which you have received.  This experience is a walking meditation, a path to transformation (change), a watering hole for the spirit, and a mirror for the soul.

The Hall at Fauntleroy is home to ceremonies of all kinds, weddings, birthdays, celebrations of life.. all ceremony marks transition, an opening to new beginnings.  A labyrinth walk can also be the ceremony itself.  Sharing a collective intention as each participant walk in.  Walking the Labyrinth at The Hall at Fauntleroy opens you and your guests to the full potential of the ceremony.  Talk to one of our event specialists about the many unique ways to incorporate the Labyrinth Walk into your event.

How to walk a labyrinth:

First and most important, there is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth.  The journey is as unique as those that walk. 

As you prepare to walk take time to transition from your everyday life, remove your shoes, your watch, your cell phone and tune into your breath.  Think about your intentions for the experience or simply clear your mind to be open to the outcome. 

Begin your journey with an awareness that as you walk you may feel like you are taking many steps and not getting anywhere, but you truly are, just as in life. Know that you are welcome to pause and let others pass along the way. The progress may be deep and internal, not outwardly measurable.  Simply witness, notice and integrate.  Open yourself to your own deeper wisdom resisting the temptation to edit. 

When you meet the center of the Labyrinth take as long as you wish.  You may stand, sit, kneel or lie down.  This part of the journey is about being present to your inner self and your connection to the earth and the universe.

As you leave the center notice what you will bring out from the center and back into your life.   Resist the temptation to sprint the finish line: the return journey is as important as every other part of the walk.

Reflect on the journey.  Before leaving the area give yourself the gift of time to reflect.  Sit quietly, close your eyes in meditation or watch the others walking as your meditation.  Reflect on the insights and clarity you have gained. 

Walking a Labyrinth can touch you deeply and may surface unexpected emotions.  Allow your thoughts and emotions to flow easily, knowing that this is a safe, sacred and confidential space.

Other Thoughts:

  • A place to take those things we need to walk thru in life
  • Brings order/clarity to chaos
  • Rhythms of turning right and left brings peace and balances masculine/feminine energy
  • What happens in Labyrinth may be a metaphor for life
  • The Labyrinth in an archetype, a divine imprint, found in all religious traditions in various forms around the world and in recent years has been embraced as a non-denominational tool of transformation.